About Shipping

Shoes will be shipped from US warehouse , only ship to USA and Canada. Shop More Styles and Countries in CHAMARIPA International Shop .

CHAMARIPA Packaging & Shipping

The packaging varies based on the number and size of items ordered. We typically ship items in CHAMARIPA original box. Each individual shoe is wrapped in a shoe bag for extra protection. Each pair of the shoes is packed in one shoe boxes to guarantee that the shoes will arrive in good condition.

chamaripa shoes are packed in a black box


Estimated Fees:

To determine the estimated shipping cost to ship any item to your desired address, you may select any item and the estimated shipping cost will be displayed in your cart. The shipping rates are displayed on your shopping cart page, with a map showing your location and the option to select a different location. You are NOT obligated to make the purchase or provide a payment method if you do not choose to proceed to checkout.

Actual Shipping Fee

The actual shipping fee will be displayed at checkout once your actual destination address in inserted on the shipping page.

Shipping Guarantee Fee

Shipping Guarantee offers premium protection and safety for your valuable items during international shipping. We’ll reship your package immediately at no extra charge if it’s reported lost or shoes are damaged. It is optional, you will be able to uncheck it if you do not need the shipping insurance.


By default, CHAMARIPA shoes ship orders by UPS.

United States: free shipping , 3-7 days arrival

Canada: shipping fee $30, 5-10 days arrival

CHAMARIPA Shoes does not assume any responsibility for any delays with shipping an order or the manner it was delivered after it is transferred to the possession of UPS or any other carrier.